We’re hiring!


Hiring Information

All candidates must be able to withstand the pressure and strain of working in close quarters, standing for hours at a time, lifting at least 20 pounds of weight, and working near hot stoves and places if and when necessary. Candidates must obey and follow health and hygiene rules and regulations as set forth by NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Positions for Hire

Garde manger

  • Prepares and assembles poké bowls and bento boxes in a decorative and presentable manner as set forth by the company.
  • Responsible for cleanliness and tidiness of said stations, and rotation of supplies.
  • Food prepping, cooking, washing, and cleaning are expected.

Sous Chef

  • Acts as second-in-command in the kitchen directing and managing cooks and other kitchen workers and taking over all kitchen responsibilities when the executive chef is absent. 
  • Ensures that all food production workers are performing their duties as prescribed, following the quality standards established by the company. 
  • Expedites orders and manages the kitchen flow, while checking for accuracy and issues final approval.

Kitchen Staff

  • Weighs and measures ingredients.
  • Handles pots, pans and other soiled utensils.
  • Receives, restocks, and refills inventory, fresh produce.
  • Preps meat and seafood.
  • Cooks rice and grains while maintaining the tidiness and cleanliness of all prep areas.
  • Handles garbage storage.

Counter Server

  • Responsible for providing courteous, quick, and efficient service to customers.
  • Cares for customers and listens to them when problems or concerns with their orders arise and responds to their questions appropriately.
  • Takes food and beverage orders, ring orders into POS system, prepares and serves hot and cold drinks.
  • Assembles orders and checks for completeness and accuracy. Package orders for on-premises or take-out.
  • Collects payment from guests and gives change accurately.
  • Disposes of trash into proper receptacles and areas.
  • Maintains cleanliness, tidiness and stock of the counter and beverage station.
  • Maintains cleanliness and tidiness of dining room and floor.

Shift Manager

  • Maintains overall management responsibilities for the establishment.
  • Directs, coordinate and participate in daily functions and operations.
  • Open and close the store and registers
  • Interviews, hires and trains personnel
  • Order and track all inventories
  • Set work schedules
  • Solves customer’s dispute and complaints
  • Improve current establishment rating on all major platforms.


  • Employee’s discount
  • Daily complementary meals
  • 40 hrs paid vacation upon completion of one year of continuous employment
  • Promotion opportunities